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About Community Schools in Maryland

Community Schools are the realization of schools as community hubs. Rather than an institution where teachers teach and students learn, Community Schools provide a wealth of resources to meet the needs of students and families including health and social services, and community engagement and development. This holistic approach leads to better student outcomes such as increased attendance and academic success, and strengthens community fabric. 


In Maryland, a statewide coalition - MD4CS - has formed to advocate for further implementation of the Community Schools model by tracking legislation, designing strategy and communications, and working with policy makers to rethink the educational experience for the state's youth. 


Kirwan Commission: At Risk Working Group Meeting- August 9th

House Office Building, Annapolis   Room 150 


The next public meeting of the Kirwan Commission's Working Group on More Resources for At-Risk Students will be held on Thursday, August 9th from9:30am-5:00pm.

Join the Maryland Coalition for Community Schools for lunch on the day of the meeting. Let's gather, share ideas, and strategize on how to build a world-class education system for every student in Maryland. 

For more information on the Kirwan Commission and to view meeting materials VISIT THEIR SITE.


Statewide Meeting Notes

Thursday, July 19, 2018 


All of the notes and resources shared at the meeting can be found in theMD4CS Google Drive. Thank you to all those attended for your input and participation. 

If you have not yet had time to schedule a meeting with Joe to discuss involvement with Strong Schools Maryland, please reach out to him


Highlights of the 2018 Community Schools National Forum in Baltimore

The 2018 Community Schools National Forum brought together almost 2,000 practitioners, advocates, and policymakers.  A wealth of knowledge and resources were also shared throughout the forum. Download resources, including presentation slides and packets, that speakers and presenters used during sessions at the National Forum. You can access these resources, by (1) visiting the conference app (2) selecting the workshop you are interested in and (3)downloading the resources.

Hosting the National Forum in Maryland was a wonderful opportunity to highlight the work of Community School Champions in our state. The Maryland Story Panel, featured above, highlighted partners across Baltimore and the state of Maryland to share the story of how they developed and sustained their community school efforts through diversified leadership that challenged what people thought was possible. 

During the conference we had an opportunity for a Maryland State Coalition Breakout. We collected all of the notes from this meeting and are working on compiling them for your review in the MD4CS Google Drive. Previous Statewide Convening notes can also be found here. 

Visit the Coalition for Community Schools Site for additional photos, videos and a full recap!


Learn More About the Statewide Coalition

MD4CS is a cross-sector working group comprised of representatives from non-profit community organizations, institutions of higher education, state government, and school jurisdictions. 


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