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MOST's STEMbassador Learning Community



MOST is a broad-based coalition working to expand the quantity and quality of afterschool and summer opportunities available to Maryland’s youth. In 2013, MOST began the STEMbassador Learning Community initiative to address the growing demand for quality STEM programming in the out of school time (OST) hours throughout the state. The OST environment is perfectly suited for students to pursue STEM avenues, and inspire further exploration of STEM careers, an area in which Maryland enjoys a competitive advantage. The long term vision of the STEMbassador Learning Community initiative is that all school-age youth in Maryland have access to high quality STEM learning opportunities. 



 MOST's 2016-2017 STEMbassador Learning Community 


Year 1: 2013-2014

The priorities set for the inaugural sySTEM Learning Community in the summer of 2013 were:

In all, thirty-eight (38) OST sites across the state of Maryland comprised the first year of the sySTEM Learning Community, and were able to choose from over ten (10) best-practice STEM curricula. Sites were supported through curricular trainings, access to technical assistance, and data collection through surveying. Data collection was ongoing, and measured student interest in STEM as a result of participation in these programs. 



Year 2: 2014-2015

The second year of the sySTEM Learning Community in 2014-2015 featured a cohort of "STEMbassadors", instead of focusing on overall sites, with the goal of enhanced collaboration and quality throughout the learning community. 


To learn more about our current STEMbassadors, view their profiles HERE:



Year 3: 2015-2016

The 3rd year of the STEMbassador Learning Community, in addition to it's focus on improving program quality, will provide multiple free trainings on how to incorporate 3D printing, "making", and technology education at your OST site! Lesson plans and materials are all included, as well!


Learn more about our 3rd Cohort of STEMbassadors here


Year 4: 2016-2017

The 4th year of the STEMbassador Learning Community will select 15 OST educators from across Maryland to take part in hands-on training from the Digital Harbor Foundation (DHF), and to design programs that promote gender equity in STEM.